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Animal Hospital Irving

When our pets are sick, we tend to panic and look for a hospital immediately; it may be a dangerous disease, an accident, or a complication. And we want our pets to recover quickly. Animal Hospital Irving TX is here to provide you with amazing medical care for your pets. Our veterinarians are highly capable of treating your pets with utmost care because they have undergone proper training. They have acquired vast knowledge and massive experience that enables them to do their job efficiently. We have studied the standards of veterinary and infused it with our different techniques, plus the experience that we have accomplished, which would result in your pet’s fast recovery.

Our experts will conduct laboratory tests on your pets after a thorough check-up. The tests may be a combination of tests or just one, depending on the vet’s recommendation. We need to see your pet’s medical records too to determine if the case has happened before or if it is because of a complication between food and lifestyle.

Lab Tests That We Offer

Our pets may need different types of lab tests. Pet Laboratory Irving has different laboratory tests to find out the main cause of your pet’s illness. We made a list of the most common tests that we perform:

  • Fecal Test. It is a routine test that determines whether there are internal parasites or worms.
  • Heartworm Test. We usually use blood tests to check whether there are heartworms. We also use an antigen test to know specifically the female heartworms.
  • Internal Parasites Check. This is to determine whether there are worms that are residing in the body of your pets.
  • Urinalysis. It is important to check your pet’s urine. Similar to fecal tests, there could be an underlying sickness in your pet’s urine.
  • Thyroid Check. It is essential to check your pet’s thyroid gland and avoid any complications.
  • Complete Blood Count. It gives us information about your pet’s cells. It is very common for annual check-ups to determine future illnesses and plan prevention before it even occurs.

These are some of the tests that we perform. We perform other tests depending on your pets’ needs. Because here at Pets Hospital Irving, we want your pets to recover quickly.

The Benefits Of Lab Tests For Pets.

Taking your pets for laboratory tests has a lot of benefits. It will lessen your worries because it can determine any future problems or complications. An example of this is a blood test; the blood says it all. We can determine other possible reasons why your pet is acting up strangely. The vets can see your pets’ conditions with these tests, and because our pets cannot tell us how they really feel, it would be very difficult for humans to identify exactly what is going on. With these laboratory tests, our vets are confident that they get the proper diagnosis to have the proper treatment plan.

Laboratory tests also keep your pets healthy. The results will be used to make a treatment plan or have some necessary changes for your pet’s body. These changes may include food, exercise, and even vitamins. And combine it with a regular check-up; your pet will surely have a healthy lifestyle.

Animal Hospital Irving TX provides the proper method for your pet to be healthy. It may be a treatment plan or a change of lifestyle.


For your pet’s medical care and complete laboratory tests, contact Animal Hospital Irving TX and set an appointment. We provide pets with excellent animal medical care for them to have a healthy lifestyle and prevent any complications the soonest possible time.