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Animal Wellness Center

Seldom is it challenging to know where to turn when you need quality care for your best friend, but here at animal wellness center Irving, we have your back. We are a full-service associate animal clinic that offers up-to-date medical care, including routine wellness examinations, state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, surgical and dental care, digital radiographic imaging, and much more!

We see a time when animal brutality is not anticipated or acknowledged. Where individuals utilize a combination of ethical sensibility and problem-solving to shed old practices and produce a connection with animals grounded on respect and appreciation, we accept that helping animals helps us all by making a more respectful society where individuals, animals, and nature are the pet wellness center Irving in balance.

Endeavoring each day to treat each animal as the superior beings they are, pet wellness center Irving supports comprehensive medical care for every rescue as needed, including dental surgeries, limb repairs, mass removals, and more. The foundation funds critical vaccines, heartworm, and flea treatments to protect puppies’ and kittens’ health and immunity in qualified low-income homes and needy animals in our car at low-to-no-cost. Grown-up dogs and cats get their annually preventative antibodies and medications. All animals get spay and fix surgery at the suitable age and weight, in expansion to other required treatment and recovery.

Reasons to keep your pet on an animal wellness center Irving plan.

From puppy and cat to all stages of grown-up life, each part of your four-legged family merits quality preventive care. pet wellness Irving helps pet owners take the guessing out of doing what is best for their pets.

Each is offering an array of preventive care benefits. Our wellness plans can significantly improve the quality of your pet’s life and can also personalize them to meet your pet’s unique needs at each stage of life. Whether you’re considering an optimum wellness plan for the primary time or a current part, we have five reasons you should consider and keep your canine or cat on a wellness program.

Comprehensive exams: Since pets age much faster than humans—six to 10 years for each human year—attending your veterinarian for two thorough check ups per year is essential.

Advertised as a benefit in all optimum wellness plans, these in-depth, nose-to-tail exams empower us to assess your pet’s general wellness and build up a standard of wellness information. That way, if any wellbeing issues happen, they can be taken care of right away.

Preventive care assistance: Vaccines, routine blood trade, fecal exams, and dewormings can assist keep your pet healthy and detect diseases early to release for more prescription options and frequently a better diagnosis.

Each plan highlights routinely suggested immunizations and symptomatic testing for pups, cats, puppies, and cats to guarantee that there aren’t any shocks regarding your pet’s wellbeing.

Dental care: One of the most common illnesses found in pets is dental disease, and it causes more than just awful breath and gingivitis. If a dental plaque is not treated, it can lead to painful contaminations, tooth loss and is even related to extreme ailments, including heart illness and kidney illness.

Professional dental sanitation for dogs and cats is included in two of our adult-level plans and can consist of extra dental cleanings. Your pet wellness Irving veterinarian can decide if your pet would advantage from additional cleanings and discuss the cost to include these in your pet’s arrangement.


Call or visit the animal wellness center Irving today for an appointment! We focus on appropriate patient care and aim to have all of our families, cats, and dogs leave happy and healthy. We would love to bestow you around our facility.