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Cat Clinic

The cat clinic Irving is a fully functioning veterinary hospital exclusively for feline patients. Established in 1978, the veterinarians and staff understand the extraordinary bond you share with your cat. We are 100% committed to the utmost compassionate, high-quality cat care. With broad involvement in veterinary medication, our devoted group of individuals keeps pace with the most recent cat pharmaceutical and surgery. We empower our clients to be a part of choice-making and respect that each cat is an individual. Each cat is treated with the utmost dignity and compassion as if they were indeed our own. The clinic welcomes new clients, emergencies, and second opinions.

Benefits of Habitual Vet Visits For Your Cat

Cats age more quickly than people. A cat approaches the approximate human age of 15 amid its first year, and after that, 24 at age 2. Each year from there on, they age roughly four "cat years" each calendar year. So your 8-year-old cat would be 48 human years. Veterinary care is vital since a lot can happen in four "cat years," which is why annual visits are critical.

Cats are experts at covering up sickness. Cat's common behaviors make them fabulous at hiding how they feel debilitated or in torment. Your cat might be creating a well-being condition long before you take note of anything wrong. Veterinarians are instructed to spot changes or irregularities that might be neglected and distinguish numerous issues before they develop or become more dangerous to handle.

Over 50% of cats are overweight or fat. Your veterinarian from cat clinic Irving will check your cat's weight at each visit and give dietary and improvement suggestions to help keep your cat at an ideal weight. Just some additional 3 pounds can put cats at hazard for diabetes, heart, respiratory, and kidney illness, and more.

Preventive care is superior to reactive maintenance. Data examined, together with a thorough physical examination, gives you and your veterinarian an arrangement to assist your cat stay healthy. Regular exams can help dodge healing crises since veterinarians can frequently identify conditions or infections that will influence your cat's well-being long before they become noteworthy, complicated, or more expensive to handle.

Cats have 26 teeth, whereas adult cats have 30. That compares to a parcel of dental care! Periodontal infection is considered the major predominant illness in cats three years of age and older. Regularly there are no self-evident signs of dental condition. Most cats with dental disease yet consume without a discernible alter in craving! Please talk about your cat's teeth with a cat dentist in Irving at their routine preventive care veterinary visit.

How much is the cat ultrasound in Irving?

An abdominal ultrasound cost is approximately $300-$350 with a general practice veterinarian and $400-$500 with a specialist. What can an ultrasound detect in cats? Ultrasound examination grants us to see the inner or inward structures of the kidneys, liver, and other stomach organs and permits the acknowledgment of sores and tumors. It is excellent for seeing the insides of empty organs such as the bladder.

Do cats need dental work? Other dental issues in cats involve gingivitis and periodontal infection, which will require medicine and dental work to ease the torment. The significance of yearly exams cannot be understated. To stay healthy, dental care is something you ought to believe your veterinarian.

How much is a dental for a cat?

The cost changes by condition and by the veterinarian but can run from $300 to nearly $1,300. The foremost common dental issue in cats is the periodontal illness.


cat clinic Irving is equipped to provide your pet with routine medical care, including preventive health care, radiography, ultrasound, dentistry, and surgery. We also provide emergency care. Contact us now!