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Dog Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly is a must since our pets tend to put anything in their mouths, regardless of what it is. Pet owners tend to forget that pets are just like humans, which means they also need proper dental care. If you live in Irving and are looking for dog teeth cleaning in Irving, we got your back. We are professional Dog Dentist Irving, and we guarantee your dog’s safety while we clean his or her teeth. Our dentists have undergone training on keeping your pets under control to assure safety in both parties.

What To Expect

For the best results of dog teeth cleaning in Irving, we have set up the expectations here not to be surprised, and you are well prepared. Before the dental procedure commences, our dentist will ask you about your dog's medical history and conduct a physical test. In some cases, our dentist may get blood samples and urine samples for laboratory tests. After those things are completed, our dentist will be discussing the procedures to detect any underlying oral problems; these procedures may include cleaning, periodontal probing, dental x-rays, and other dental methods. Our suggestion is not to feed your dog the night before their dental checkup, as the procedure may make your dog vomit.

Before we start the procedure, your dog has to be given anesthesia for it to remain still. This is a safety precaution for your dog and our vet. We highly recommend bringing your pet earlier than the scheduled time to have your dog checked for a pre-anesthesia test. This is essential to be sure that your dog is receiving the right dosage of anesthetics. There could be other medicines needed to be administered, like to prevent your dog from vomiting and if your dog has any allergic reactions to certain types of medicines. Once the anesthetics have taken effect, our dog dentist will proceed with the different methods. These dental procedures include brushing dogs teeth, thorough check below the gum line, removing tartar and plaques, etc. A complete dental checkup is necessary to find any underlying diseases and keep your dog's teeth healthy. X-rays may also be done to find hidden diseases. And if there are any damaged teeth, extraction could be present during the procedure.

After the whole procedure, our dentist will provide you a summary of what happened and the diagnosis. Depending on your dog’s oral condition, they may receive some antiseptics, but mostly pain killers because you do not want your dog feeling in pain after the anesthesia has worn off. Our dentist will also provide you the dos and don'ts, like what food not to feed your dog for a couple of days. We will also give you advice about your dog’s healthy diet so your dog’s mouth will not have the usual foul smell. For questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to assist you better.

How Often Should Your Dog See A Dog Dentist

For adult dogs, once a year visit is enough, but for small breeds of dogs, similar to humans, twice a year of a visit is recommended because these dogs have shallow roots prone to dental problems. To be precise, it is better to ask your vet an exact number of times as each dog has unique characteristics.


Your dog’s teeth also need appropriate dental care. Call us now and book an appointment, and experience the best dog teeth cleaning in Irving. We make sure that your dog gets the best oral care and receives clean, white teeth after the dental visit with us.