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About Irving Veterinary Clinic

Irving TX Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of treatments to address the issues of your pets. We offer immunizations, essential dental check-ups and treatment, surgical procedures, emergency services, as well as grooming and boarding. Our facility is also equipped with cutting edge technology for testing, extensive clinical procedures, and Irving veterinary can also perform surgeries if the need emerges. Since our equipment is up to date and consistently maintained, we can assure that all medical procedures done in the facility are safe and secured.

Irving TX veterinary clinic sees well-being as a universal concept. When humans disregard their well-being, issues begin to accumulate which influences our way of living. It affects us in every aspect of our life. Pets are the same. They also need medications, immunizations, and well-being assessments to be in the best of health. By being proactive with your pet's wellness, you can extend your pet’s life, save yourself some money and live long fulfilling years with your pet. That is why we encourage pet owners to take preventive measures regarding their pet’s health. An animal’s state of wellness is an indicative sign of their overall health condition. If an animal is suffering from a stressful environment, it manifests in their physical health as well. If the animal lives a stress-free life, expect it to be in good health and active lifestyle. Animal health equates to a well-rounded living centered on wellness.

Why Choose Irving TX Veterinary Clinic?

  • Various Pets - We can treat all kinds of animals. Not only house pets! We are well trained and licensed to handle animal medical and dental care.
  • Huge Dogs - If your dog is too huge to fit in the car or too big to carry on public transport, you can contact us and arrange a meeting in the comfort of your home.
  • Stay-at-Home Parents - If you need to remain at home for whatever reason, we can also arrange a meeting to address issues regarding your pet. If a medical procedure is necessary, we will come to your home to proceed with the said procedure.
  • Telecommuting - Working from home is a tough thing to do. We can have a setup arranged if the procedure cannot take place at both the home and the facility.
  • Some Pets Don't Travel Well - Some animals cannot deal with a vehicle ride. Let us spare your pet the tension or worry of traveling, we will travel to them instead.

Times may be tough and a sick pet can be stressful for pet owners. Irving TX Veterinary Clinic believes that all animals deserve love and care, and pet owners deserve a happy life with their pets. We will do our best to help address your pet’s health concerns. If you want to know more about the services we offer, our animal medical and dental care procedures and more, we will be more than happy to receive a call from you. We care about your pet as much as we care about you. Do not hesitate to contact us or take a visit in Irving pet hospital.