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Emergency Vet

We know that you love your pet very much, and you do not want anything happening to your pet. But no matter how protective we are, emergencies still happen; these emergencies make us panic, and we do not know what to do. Worry no more! Emergency Vet Irving has the most comprehensive technology for your pets’ urgent cases. Our vets’ techniques have been mastered due to enormous experiences. We care for your pet as a human, so that it will receive the best medical care. We ensure that all the necessary procedures will be done to have your pet back in tip-top shape. We provide the best medical care for your pets in the city as we know every pets’ medical situation. With our brains and experience, we are sure to give an outstanding result that would meet your expectations.

Common Emergency For Pets

There are many things that our pets experience, and that leads us to panic. Emergency For Pets Irving made a list below of the common emergency cases that we may experience with our pets:

  • Severe Bleeding. People think that first-aid can overcome bleeding. We have to observe the bleeding because it is better to see the vet immediately if it lasts for more than five minutes.
  • Choking. Our pets love putting something in their mouths that sometimes may result in choking. It is not a good idea to wait and see if they would survive it. It is best to bring your pets over to your vet.
  • Blood from Extremities. If your pet is coughing with blood or anything from his insides, it is best to bring him over so the vets can examine your pet real fast to prevent the sickness from getting worse.
  • Constipation. If the pet is having a hard time defecating, we should know immediately what is causing the problem.
  • Eye Injury. Eyes are susceptible and need immediate care. If anything happens to the eyes, you better drive your pet immediately to the vet to make sure that his eyesight is still intact.
  • Poison Ingestion. Many human foods are not advisable for our pets as they may cause severe complications for their health. In case of an emergency like this, do not wait any longer.
  • Seizures. If an animal starts seizing, it needs urgent medical attention. This kind of activity may be related to a brain problem.
  • Broken Bones. Allowing your pet to heal by itself is not a good idea. They need proper care to recover quickly.
  • Pain and Anxiety. Our pets do not often show pain, but it already means that their condition needs urgent attention when they do.
  • Diarrhea or Vomiting. Dehydration is not to be taken lightly. So make sure that your pet is constantly rehydrated, and if your pet refuses to drink, take it to the vet as it may be because of a complicated issue.
  • Unconsciousness. We may think that our pet is just sleeping. But if our pet does not wake up, bring it over to the vet the soonest.
  • Heatstroke. There are cases of pets being left in the car, and it is dying of heatstroke. If this happens bring your pet over to us. And as a reminder, always put your pets in a well-ventilated area to avoid heatstroke.

Other emergency situations could happen to your pet, and it is better to always keep an eye on it and make sure that your pet is safe and healthy. If any signs start to show up, do not hesitate to go to Emergency Vet Irving as our professionals would take good care of your pet.


For urgent medical attention for your pets, contact or visit Emergency Vet Irving. We will help you get your pet back in its best condition.