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Spay And Neuter

There are many kinds of diseases our pets are prone to, and one of them is related to their genitals. We might want our lovely dogs to retain their gender, but a neuter dog has a lot of advantages, one of which is to prevent any sexually transmitted disease. Spay And Neuter Irving has vets that can assure your dog’s health when having this procedure as we do not want any harm towards your dogs

Our professionals are well-experienced when it comes to spaying and neutering dogs. We guarantee your dog’s safety and will receive proper care throughout the process. After the method has been done, we will give you some points that you need to do, such as keeping the dog away from other animals during the recovery. This is to ensure their safety, and we want a fast recovery and avoid complications. Also, make sure that your dog will not be able to lick the incision to prevent contamination. It is advisable to use a cone to make sure that your dog cannot reach the cut. Another complicated thing you have to do is check for any unusual thing on the incision; if there is swelling or foul odor or any irregularities, call us immediately. For other tips and recommendations, our vets will provide you detailed instructions after the surgery.

Why Choose Spay And Neuter Irving

One of the best ways to keep your dog healthy is to spay and neuter them, as it will receive many advantages regarding its health and behavior. When spaying your female pet and neutering your male pet with Spay And Neuter Clinic Irving, you are certain that you are giving your dog the best.

For small-breed dogs, it is recommended to spay or neuter them before 5 to 6 months or less than 45 pounds. 9 to 15 months is the suggested age of large-breed dogs, or spayed between 5 to 15 months. This is to get the best results. And our vets will recommend which time is the best for your dog.

Spaying your female dog can make its life longer. Studies show that spayed dogs have lived 23% longer than dogs who were not spayed. Spayed dogs can prevent developing certain cancer diseases such as mammary cancer and pyometra, which is a dangerous uterine infection.

A neuter dog has its advantages too. Studies show that your dog will be healthier when your dog is neutered as it would not be prone to testicular cancer. It will also have a low risk regarding pancreatic cancer and increase their lifespan of up to 18%.

With our expertise, these advantages will surely be with you when you choose us as our professionals have studied carefully the things that would benefit your dogs. One of those benefits is that your dogs can behave well. Since they would no longer feel the heat, it would be okay even if they see another dog as they would no longer feel that. They would ignore other animals and just relax. Another advantage is that these pets will not be overpopulated as they tend to have babies 15 times faster than humans. And the most important reason is that you can save more money. Avoiding these diseases for your dogs can save you a lot from animal hospital bills as they can live a healthier life.

There are other advantages, and our veterinarians will explain everything to you once you bring your dog to us for a checkup.


For your pet to be happier and well-behaved, have them spayed and neutered with Spay And Neuter Irving. Call us now and reserve your slot and let us make your dog healthier and happier.