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About Irving Veterinary

We welcome you to see and, most importantly, experience more of what Veterinary Irving can do for your pet.

Veterinary Irving is a full-administration dedicated to animal medicine. We give total care to the well-being of your pet. Beginning from birth, even halfway of its life, until their older years. In the event that a pet medicinal issue or crisis emerges, we can help! We are ready for situations that involve emergency procedures since our facility is built to accommodate and treat any kind of maladies that your pet might suffer from.

Regardless of whether a minor issue or the most intricate situation happens, our team of professional veterinarians are completely organized and prepared to address any medical problem that your pet might be encountering. Veterinary Irving Texas staff uses the most developed, updated and latest tools and machines to execute treatment rapidly and safely. We also offer the latest treatments to help your pet recover physically and mentally in a shorter span of time.

Services Offered by Veterinary Irving Texas

Irving veterinary clinic's staff of professionals always makes sure to collaborate with you to know more about your pet. Through this, they can give the most extensive and best quality medical treatment that leads to your pet’s longer, more comfortable and joyful life. Our office additionally has the best care staff that are always around. Our facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our staff is always ready to give a helping hand. All this to ensure that we give the best treatment, after-procedure and well-rounded care to your beloved pet.

We are authorized by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA); which implies our legal and professional practice of veterinary medicine. We adhere to the country’s strict laws on administering anesthesia and other vaccines, prescribing animal medicine, diagnostics, nursing care, and dental and surgical procedures. Irving TX veterinary office consistently follows these guidelines to assure every pet owner of the safety and professional care we give to their pets. As a pet parent, you will never have to worry about your pet’s wellness; our team of experts will make sure that your pet is safe in our hands. You can put your trust in Veterinary Irving that your pet will receive only the best care that they truly deserve. With all these credentials and knowledge of what our facility and staff has to offer, your pet will surely get the treatment that really need and recover sooner.

Irving TX veterinary specialists are exceptionally prepared experts that can take on whatever illness your pet may be suffering from. Get in touch with Irving pet hospital to know more about your pet. Let us know about their symptoms and their medical history to ease the diagnostic process. Our professional veterinarians are sure to help your pet get well. Contact us if you have more questions on our services, the facility and our procedure. You can also set an appointment for medical and dental check-ups. Our emergency hotline is always open in case of untoward incidents involving your pets.

Veterinary Irving TX is looking forward to meeting you and your pet and to serving you with only the best, safest and latest treatment in veterinary medicine.